ExhibitionLet Us Meet Inside You

Curator: Jeroen Bosch

The online art platform, Trendbeheer.com, has been shining a spotlight on the visual arts for the past ten years. This anniversary will be celebrated in Garage Rotterdam. The exhibition ‘Let Us Meet Inside You’ provides a sparkling overview of ten years of art that matters.

The selected artists have by now matured into a completely new generation. Everyone displays two works: an older version that Trendbeheer wrote about in the early years, and a work that is recent or new. This results in an overview, with a subtle form of substantive abstraction and a self-awareness that avoids becoming l’art pour l'art.

The showpiece of the Let Us Meet Inside You exhibition is an installation by Navid Nuur, master alchemist. Especially for this exhibition, water pipes from his studio have been relocated in Garage Rotterdam. This water is being bottled there and transformed into a work of unlimited supply.

Navid Nuur
Katja Mater
Anouk Kruithof
Koen Taselaar
Peggy Franck
Marielle Buitendijk
Marijn van Kreij