By Jeroen Bosch

The work of Katja Mater is subtle and sublime. She paints with photography: by multiple light exposures she captures changes in the space around us. She stacks images by re-exposing negatives to light – similar to the process of painting layers. Making time stand still or stretching time.

Traces of her method and her research always remain visible. This is aesthetics with a frayed edge. These abstract photographs do not have the rigidity of most other conceptual work. It is abstraction with one foot remaining in the real world.

The recent sixtych is presented at “Let Us Meet Inside You”:
Parallel Planes 19: Acrylic Painting and Two Versions of Multiple Moments During the Making of the Acrylic Painting: Blue Acrylic Paint on Yellow Paper.

Related to the work mentioned above is the work presented at Trendbeheer:
Celebrating RGB Color Space and Blue + Yellow both from 2008.