By Jeroen Bosch

The centerpiece of this exhibition is the installation “Let Us Meet Inside You” by master/alchemist Navid Nuur. The water pipes that supply the water in Navid Nuur’s studio have actually been moved to Garage Rotterdam. The water is put into bottles and sold to visitors there and then.

“Let Us Meet Inside You” is a performative sculpture. Water becomes a work of art. Is the work of art the entire 3D installation including 500 crates, a workbench and water pipes? Or are the bottles of water the work of art? Or perhaps the work of art only exists once the bottles of water have been drunk?

The small chromatography “Sliding the Slow Split / Try to Deal With Tomorrow's Conceptual Consequences” (2008) is one of the first works by Navid Nuur presented at Trendbeheer. The writing in ink hanging in the water is almost invisible. Only a few traces remain.