Bogomir Doringer

The enigmatic prohibition on bubbling during the Summer Carnival of 2023 in Rotterdam triggered a broader exploration of dance's role within societal dynamics. Dance, a powerful form of non-verbal communication, has always been linked to socio-political shifts. It establishes collective ties across various settings, shaping culture and urban landscapes. Yet, attempts to control freedom of movement have led to the oppression of communities and individuals who dance differently, this way dance becoming a tool for racial profiling and reinforcing patriarchy.

The second edition of ‘NO DANCING ALLOWED’, the last exhibition curated by Bogomir Doringer at Garage Rotterdam, explores dance rituals in times of global constraints like the COVID-19 pandemic, ongoing wars, and recent bans on raving and protesting in Italy. The exhibition dives into the historical interplay between body politics and dance, unravelling the threads that connect them and asking for thinking reflections on the moving spirit of dance within this evolving narrative.

The exhibition gathers works around Bogomir Doringer's PhD and the term dance of urgency. This dance rises in times of personal and collective crises and aims to empower individuals and groups. The first edition of ‘NO DANCING ALLOWED’ unfolded at the frei_raum Q21 exhibition space in MuseumsQuartier Vienna in 2022.