Natafelen: Palestinian dinner by Amanny Ahmad
7 Jul 2023 Starts at: 6 p.m. Location: Garage Rotterdam

Natafelen with Amanny Ahmad is sold out!

At The Table is paired with three different food happenings that tackle various appetites. For the opening, Micheline Nahra will host a food experience shaped by the paradox of diplomacy. For Natafelen, Amanny Ahmad will provision a Palestinian dinner foraged from industrialised and natural landscapes.

'Ifrich : Rub'

Garage Rotterdam invites you to the final dining event of the exhibition At the Table, by artist Amanny Ahmad. ‘Ifrich : Rub’ is an exploration of our relationship to the land, presented through the experience of a family style dinner. Through the lens of her Palestinian heritage, Ahmad presents a meal, alongside sounds, images, and text that expand on the interconnectedness of our bodies to the landscapes that keep us alive. The recipes she serves are both a record and a manifestation of resistance and survival within Palestine, through not only their ingredients, but also through the stories of the people and seeds they tend to.

Amanny Ahmad is a Palestinian-American artist, chef, land worker, and folk herbalist, currently based in the high altitude desert of the land of the pueblo people, taos, New Mexico. In her research-based practice, she studies things small & large: whole systems design, food as language, land as life, historical & contemporary relationships between humans & non humans, botany, mycology, indigenous culinary traditions & plant use, histories of resistance; and how those things can teach us about preservation, survival, and world-making. Her research culminates in a variety of forms: writing, photographs, objects, garden design, fermentation, herbal medicines, and most publicly, large scale meals, often cooked over live fire, incorporating wild ingredients. Being in, on, off, and with the land is her main priority and joy.

Four course menu €50,-
Wine pairing €30,-

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