AKWĀ Annika Kappner

Courtesy of the Artist Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn

Interdisciplinary artist Annika Kappner (born in 1980 in Berlin, Germany, lives and works In Amsterdam) creates immersive and sensory scenographies. AKWÃ is a new chapter in Kappner’s long-term research project Deep Planetary Sensing, in which she examines the history of mankind, and the fact that mankind is moving away from nature.

AKWÃ (water) consists of two parts; it is an immersive participatory installation for two people. The audio part offers you a guided experience that explores the physical, emotional and mental dimensions of water. She has also developed an artistic performance as part of the exhibition.

Water is related to economic issues (such as distribution and availability), to political issues (like borders, property and history), but also to scientific and philosophical issues. The installation approaches the element of water holistically and attempts to provide alternative experiential perspectives for our relationship with it. It suggests we find other ways of gaining knowledge about the elements and our planet, for example through somatic processes.

AKWÃ comprises installation, performance, smell, and sound, with which she consciously facilitates new means of perception, adding complementary somatic perspectives to the contemporary relationship between man, nature and technology.

Credits: Composer Eric Maltz (US/DE)

AKWĀ is supported by the Mondriaan Fund and the Creative Industries Fund.

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