By Imke Ruigrok en Nikkie Herberigs

In her semi-documentary video installation, Melanie Bonajo (born 1978, Heerlen) examines the status quo in our contemporary society. In her films, installations and performances, associative connections arise between our relationship with technology and nature.

For many years, portrayals of the perspectives of women, queers, children and animals were practically non-existent. Melanie Bonajo presents them as protagonists of the here and now. She cleverly creates a hybrid world in which the current technological image culture is coated with a layer of nature and mystique. The artist skilfully uses and subsequently ‘bends’ our visual and consumer culture, at the same time providing us with the means to replenish today’s spiritual emptiness. With her projects, Bonajo creates an expanded consciousness, through the physical experience itself, spirituality, the link with nature, and from unique perspectives.