Brandstof | Secret Gardens
14 Dec 2018 Starts at: 7 p.m. Location: Garage Rotterdam

Brandstof | Secret Gardens
with Samantha Thole, Bas Meeuws en Bas Hendrikx

Flowers are typically Dutch..
Although flowers wilt quickly, they have always been popular components or materials for artists to work with. In the Brandstof, Secret Gardens we examine the works of artists and Avantgarde florists.

Production company HotelRebel (Rotterdam) is commissioned by the Dutch Flower Council to create a series video portraits - EXPOSÉ - about the inspiring floral artists, both home and abroad. The serie is broadcasted in four countries. We see how flowers are immortalised in ice, sugar and bouquets by true floral artists.

One of them, Bas Meeuws will be there to tell you about his work. He creates digital flower still lives that exhibit many similarities with paintings of the golden age.

Artist Samantha Thole, that created the flower murals for Blossom, teaches us about her research gendered botany. She tells us about the hidden stories in horticulture and shows us that flowers can be used as a form of protest.