20 Apr 2018 Starts at: 8 p.m. Location: Garage Rotterdam

From 20 April 2018 Garage Rotterdam presents the group exhibition Detached Involvement by curator Bas Hendrikx who is the new curator of Garage Rotterdam. Featuring the work of eight visual artists. This exhibition is about works of art that became known to the general public in an unconventional way.

The history of how most works of art become known is clear to us: they originate in the artist’s studio and make their way to exhibitions and the general public. However, Detached Involvement is about works of art that did not become known to the public in a conventional way. These works were sometimes only ever seen from the corner of an eye, in a film or on a poster. Other works disappeared backstage after a while.

Detached Involvement is about props, replicas, objects that were considered lost and projects that were never carried out. They evolve or disappear over time, either because of lack of, or excess of visibility.

This exhibition offers a view of the circumstances in which these objects and works of art were created. And how has the double life that these works of art have led influenced their status?

Featuring the work of Max Cole (US), Kristien Daem (BE), Michel François (BE), Philip Janssens (FR), Inge Meijer (NL), Marina Pinsky (RU), Raniero Vrancken (NL) and Blaine Western (NZ).

New Curator:
Bas Hendrikx is the new curator of Garage Rotterdam! He has developed exhibitions in the Netherlands for De Appel, Impakt, Marres, museum De Domijnen. Also abroad for Skulptur Bredelar (Germany) and CIAP Kunstverein (Belgium). His book Authenticity? Observations and Artistic Strategies in the Post-Digital Age was published by Valiz in 2017. Hendrikx has extensive experience with digital art working for stedelijk.nl, deappel.nl and impakt.nl. He is the former curator of P/////AKT and he is currently working on Kunsthalle Amsterdam.

Detached Involvement is on show from April 20- July 8, 2018.

Extra activities:

In collaboration with: Poetry International
June 2, 16.30 hrs.