By Lieneke Hulshof

Danielle Lemaire often omits something from her drawings and paintings. Onlookers must use their powers of imagination. A brief glance means you fail to notice that items are missing and automatically fill in your own interpretation of hands, faces or table tops in places where Lemaire has left out details. At the same time Lemaire adds things to her drawing that tart all logical interpretations and seem to originate from supernatural worlds. This can be said, for instance, of ‘the sitting’, a drawing in which organic forms are growing out of – and obscuring – the figures’ faces, and of the work entitled ‘devotion’, in which an invisible force allows the table top to float. It's as if Lemaire is using her drawings not to show recognisable, everyday aspects such as wrinkles in hands or the wood grain of tables, but to visualise matters for which we do not always have sufficient imagination: the metaphysical.