24 Mar 2013 Starts at: 3 p.m. Location: Garage Rotterdam

Brandstof is a thematic event about every exhibition held at Garage Rotterdam.

Sunday 24 March at 15.00 hrs: an afternoon with lectures and a discussion to accompany the Transformation exhibition.

Due to the developments in biotechnology and robotics but also in bio-art the question arises: is there a human soul? This is the central theme of a special programme with lectures on Sunday 24 March 2013 featuring three important speakers. Philosopher Désanne van Brederode predominantly writes and lectures about issues regarding our outlook on life. Martin uit den Boogaard, one of the visual artists participating in Transformation, extracts energy from dead organic matter. Professor of Art History, Robert Zwijnenberg, University of Leiden specialises in bio-art and ethics.

The three speakers will each give a lecture in which they address the theme from their background. After the lectures there will be a debate led by art historian Arthur Crucq.

The clear boundaries between life and death are fading due to the rapid developments in the biosciences. Transformation, the fifth group exhibition at Garage Rotterdam, presents this theme in the work of ten contemporary visual artists. They share a fascination with death, with life and with the ability to control both.

Featuring Nathaniel Mellors (GB), Koen Vanmechelen (BE), Jeroen Kuster (NL), Tinkebell (NL), Stan Wannet (NL), Martin uit den Bogaard (NL), Uli Westphal (D), Ronald van der Meijs (NL), Michiel van Overbeek (NL), Floris Kaayk (NL) and TU Delft robot Flame.
Until 14 April 2013.

Tickets €4,50