Idle Knights Isabelle Andriessen


Isabelle Andriessen investigates ways to physically animate inanimate synthetic materials in order to provide them with their own metabolism, behavior and agency - doing so her sculptures perform over the course of one and several exhibitions, seemingly beyond control. Like a window into science-fictional other worlds her works are governed by material entities that appear to be passive or dormant, yet their output reveals a darker agenda.
Their different materialities creep, crawl, ooze, penetrate, cling to, and react with one another as if their metabolism is infected. They physically respond to the surrounding atmosphere while triggering chemical processes within each other, thus manifesting their agency through continuous interaction and change. Their performances address a world attuned to death thriving with new organs and sex, as if to suggest how new entanglements might flourish in a non-human world.

Picture: Aurélien Mole