HELIOTROPE Heleen Blanken

None Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn

HELIOTROPE (2019) is a captivating kinetic installation that draws inspiration from the fascinating phenomenon of plants aligning their leaves and rows of flowers towards the sun. This artwork is a testament to the intricate interplay of energy, tropism, the rhythmic dance of living organisms at the atomic level, and the pulsating rhythms observed in the natural world.

This concept is brought to life through a mesmerising mirrored installation. Crafted with precision, the mechanically engineered structure gracefully sets its blades in motion, programmed to performed, diffusing radiant beams of light while casting a chaotic and refracted reflection of its surroundings. In this dynamic interplay, HELIOTROPE (2019) endeveours to blur the lines between the orchestrated movements of manufactured objects and the organic grace of nature, seeking to dissolve the boundaries that separate them.

HELIOTROPE (2019) was created for The Chapel at the Draaimolen Festival in 2019.
Design and engineering: Daniel de Bruin