Leaning Sounds Sweet Scope

None Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn

Leaning Sounds (2022) is an interactive art installation encouraging users to engage with their surroundings through colourful, sound-emitting objects. Sweet Scope aims to make contemporary and minimal art more accessible by allowing visitors to interact with these objects. These objects create a harmonious sound system that anyone can intuitively play, even without musical training.

The purpose of these objects is twofold: they fill the space with sounds and invite spectators to explore the area by touching and interacting with the structures. This multisensory experience helps people become more aware of their surroundings. Each physical piece in the installation emits a unique sound depending on its location, encouraging users to engage with and understand the space in new ways.

Sweet Scope views the inclusion of sound as a compositional element within a space as a valuable abstraction. They want to transform our living spaces into poetic realms, expanding our sensory perceptions by introducing a rational yet dreamlike perspective. Their goal is for users to discover their environment through the poetic and playful use of sounds, allowing tones to guide the exploration of space and imbue shapes with new meaning and function.