None Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn

Kadans 2.0 (2017 - ongoing) is a research project by Dutch designers Aliki van der Kruijs and Jos Klarenbeek. It examines how the motion of the sea can be a direct source for an ever-changing weaving pattern. The ongoing project sprouts from a shared curiosity for invisible natural processes and using these as a source of information for developing patterns and materials. Textile production combines sciences, including oceanography and mathematics, constructing a soft output of complex data generated by sea waves' motions.

Through its Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch government uses offshore buoys and platforms to monitor the wind, wave and acidity conditions along the coastline of the Netherlands. This real-time information is open-source accessible and is a direct data input for Kadans 2.0. Together with RNDR, a weaving software is developed for both shaft and jacquard weaving. This tool enables the translation of sea data into a weaving pattern. In this way, each part of a resulting piece is directly linked to a moment, making each fabric roll a unique timeline.


Kadans 2.0 (2017 - ongoing) was developed alongside a team of oceanographers from TU Delft and interactive media firm RNDR. Sampling on a jacquard loom was made possible by participating in Weavers Werkstatt, a residency organised by Hella Jongerius’ Jongeriuslab and further developed in the TextielLab / Textielmuseum in Tilburg.

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