Red Follows Yellow Follows Blue Follows Red Studio Moniker

None Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn

Video documentation of participatory performance
11 minutes

Red Follows Yellow Follows Blue Follows Red (2016) is another outcome of Studio Moniker’s continuing investigations into crowd behaviour and audience participation. The concert hall becomes the stage, the audience, the actors. Each audience member receives a pair of headphones and a red, blue or yellow cape and is asked to follow specific instructions.

These instructions invite the participant to move across the stage and interact with other participants differently. Participants with a red cape are asked to ’follow yellow but avoid blue’, while participants with a blue cape are asked to ’follow red but avoid yellow’. The combined reactions of the participants to the ever-changing instructions lead to constantly transforming formations and patterns.

In Red Follows Yellow Follows Blue Follows Red, Studio Moniker (2016) plays with the possibilities and pitfalls of organising groups of people. They explore the different attributes of the crowd and the role the individual plays within it. The performance oscillates between order and chaos, the wish to belong and the need for individuality.

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