By Yasmijn Jarram

Pietsjanke Fokkema's huge charcoal drawings present refuge-like fantasy worlds in which the viewer is free to wander. The complex spaces are often located underground, while at ground level there are only a few withered trees. Built from bricks, narrow staircases and pipes, these archetypal underworlds have a suffocating feel: where is the exit? In many small rooms traces of human life can be seen: stoves, cookware, furniture and even chandeliers. However, the residents rarely show themselves.

Fokkema often develops a drawing spatially by adding three-dimensional objects. This means that certain elements appear to jut forward from the surface of the work, inviting the viewer to enter the world. The birds that soar in the air above the dark corridors reinforce the idea of captivity – in earthly existence, perhaps. Fokkema's absurdist creations depict the subconscious in an almost literal way.