Recognized / Not Recognized Coralie Vogelaar


The project Recognized / Not Recognized revolves around the question: ‘What features determine ‘successful’ news photos?’

From a selection of worldwide press agency databases (which include amateur witness photos) Vogelaar scraped all the news photos in relation to the ten events that received the most coverage in the past five years. This resulted in a database of approximately 850.000 images. By using image recognition software from Google (and some proxies), Vogelaar determined how many times an individual image exists on the google indexed internet. In other words, the reproduction rate of each image is calculated.

Press photos from a big news event have a wide range of variables but are in a way very uniform - since they are all witness photographs –, therefore the database consists of an ideal set for a cross-sectional study. The analysis of this cross-sectional study finds its way in several visual presentations. This is a photo (taken with Hasselblad) of a typical successful photo composition.

Choreography: Marjolein Vogels
Dancers: Madelyn Bullard, Chris Guerematchi, Kenzo Kusuda, Patrick Schmatzer, Ilija Surla, Loris Casalino, Pedro Ines, Peter Clark, Loris Casalino, Cherish Menzo
Light: Geek Zwetsloot

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