- CANCELLED - Performance AKWĀ by Annika Kappner
5 Feb 2021 Starts at: 8 p.m. Location: Garage Rotterdam

AKWĀ is a participatory immersive performance unfolding through a dialogue between two water spirits. The participant is invited to journey through the different dimensions of water on a physical, emotional and mental level. Through sound, movement, narration and scent the qualities of water as an alchemical element, chemical substance, economic resource, political weapon and sacred being, throughout history and in possible futures, are activated and shared. AKWĀ seeks to add complementary experiential, somatic perspectives to the contemporary relationship between man, nature and technology.

AKWĀ is part of Kappner’s long term research project Deep Planetary Sensing exploring how we can relate differently to our planet - the planetary body - through the somatic and experiential. The performance is part of the latest chapter AKWĀ that manifests as immersive installation, workshop and digital guided audio meditation. This chapter explores water as information technology of nature in relation to contemporary digital technologies.

Costumes: Min Li
Performers: Jihae Ko, Annika Kappner
Sound: Eric Maltz