Vanessa Disler is an artist whose praxis is shaped by the possibilities of how painting can be used as a model to experience and ask questions about the world. Her practice explores the space between abstraction and figuration; where linguistic and material realities mix, gestures shift into the realm of codified language, and text falls apart into form and gesture, and employs mediums such as sculpture, painting, mono-printing, drawing and performance.
 Through using the body as a thinking instrument, Disler explores the outmoded territory of psychoanalysis and the way in which the hysterical body has been interpreted as “speaking” from a place inaccessible by conventional language. Since 2011 Disler has also worked with Nicole Ondre as under the alias Feminist Land Art Retreat *.

Disler has participated in numerous artist residencies such as De Ateliers, Amsterdam (2013/ 2015), Wiels Centre for Contemporary Art, Brussels (2016), Western Front Media Residency, Vancouver (2018) and the Banff Centre, Banff (2012).