The Crash (auto American Fever Dream) Vanessa Disler

Daihatsu Applause, mixed media Courtesy of the Artist and Damien and the Love Guru Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn

The Crash (Auto-American Fever Dream) by Vanessa Disler was produced specifically for Heavy Metal Parking Lot. Disler’s approach is centred around the history of painting and feminism. She investigates the conceptual and cultural implications inherent in particular visual vocabularies such as abstract expressionism. Her work examines issues surrounding authorship and the notion of signature styles. The work she has produced for Garage might be considered something of a departure in that a found object (the car) is a central component. Disler envisages this work as a portrait of a fictional character, who is constructed as a composite of contradictory traits and values. Essentially, this persona extols a distinctly North American (and specifically West Coast brand) of contemporary feminism revolving around consumerism, paranoia and self-improvement / individualism. This character is an archetype epitomising the disillusionment of the post-hippie era and the extent to which new age ideals and lifestyles have become completely commodified. Certain aspects of this persona (whom Disler names Colleen) are autobiographical.

The text below written by Disler provides a deeper insight into this eccentric individual.

‘Aging women with long hair. Stressed, but looking for enlightenment. Slightly greying .....rats nest? Flowing black clothing / Haider Ackerman or folk festival find? Does she smell like patchouli or la Labo oud, sweaty clothes and coffee? Large rectangular black Sunglasses, does not believe in eye contact, only in extreme cases asserting her will over others. Chunky (open toe) shoes with toe ring. Long silver key chain on long loop also sliver worn around the neck, a nod to her Ex-catholic past, at one time seriously considered joining the Buddhafield Commune. Only wears pearlescent coloured nail polish, that is always chipped, sometimes they are filed to points, and occasionally matches her G-strings. Does not believe in working out, only 10-day lemon water cleanses. Is into “detoxing” and plant-based diet. Subsists mainly on rice crackers, kale, pink lady apples and goat cheese except for imported Kobe beef and vodka. Her most prized possession is her car, to which she has given the name Lexi. She wishes she could afford to go green and buy a Prius, but can’t stop her addiction to sensory deprivation tank sessions” Car, Poster of Bridget Fonda in Vietnam early 1970s as political activist in back of car ,Cat eye headlights - drawn on cat pupils, Empty green smoothie cup in cup holder with straw, Ceramic ashtray full of butts on dashboard, Leather Dog leash with collar, where is dog, GOD?, Empty wine bottles overfilling African straw bag, Mixed Nuts everywhere on the floor and passenger seat, Broken Compact powders, Revlon lipsticks, blush brushes, Newspapers and books (Joan Didion, Susan Sontag diaries, 6 months of New Yorkers , she reads when she stuck in gridlock) Big ass Padlock chain - for motorcycle - or car . sometimes when anxiety attacks hit extreme, she padlocks the car at night, Crowbar in trunk alongside stray flipper and snorkel on floor. Feather hangs from rear view mirror Above round Rocks on dashboards from 3-day hiking trip Costa Brava, dark protection crystals, 1000x parking stubs, Photo of brother ‘Nicolasʼ age 7, taped to window before he “disappeared” on his post-Yale trip to Bolivia. Goop dreams gone bad...’

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