Zonder titel Philip Janssens

Philip Janssens Photo: © Charlott Markus

The tulip in the Golden Age, the flower auction in Aalsmeer, the Pope who thanks us for the flowers in Rome every Easter: the Netherlands is famous for being the country of flowers. The process of growing flowers has been perfected here over the years.

The works of art in this exhibition may look very different at a first glance, but there are similarities between the graphic works of art that are created by computers based on formulas on the one hand and the flower arrangement by Philip Janssens (The Netherlands) on the other hand. They both need organic material or an organic creation process, but inevitably they are the result of a cultural, cultivated process.

Even though growing flowers is an organic and natural process, it leads to a cultivated product.
The work by Philip Janssens consists of a presentation of various cut flowers that will be added to throughout the duration of the exhibition. We would like to invite you as our visitor to pick your own flowers so you can take a bunch of flowers home with you.

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