By Lieneke Hulshof

El Lissizky (1890-1941, Russia) is praised for his ground-breaking artistic research into communication systems in the Soviet Union. ‘The artist constructs a new symbol using his paintbrush. This symbol is not the recognisable form of something that has already been completed, that has already been made or that was already present in the world. It is a symbol of a new world, one that was built from – and comprised of – the customs of a people .’ David Jablonowski's oeuvre resulted from these artistic studies of Lissizky. His images include technology that is used for exchanging information, such as scanners, tablets, projectors, printing plates and mirrors. His own work changes constantly at the moment that he sees a connection between the history of sculpture and the history of media in general. ‘Sculpture is often used as apparatus, for a form of communication.’ Jablonowski's work is a reflection of everything that has gone before and which at the same time adds something to the great unknown with which we are confronted .