By Lieneke Hulshof

The work of Denis Seyda Tunca, which reflects the shadows of visitors in gold leaf, change constantly due to the effects of light and shadow. We know nothing about the period before or after our life, but when faced with choosing between something or nothing, Tunca feel that choosing for nothing is irrational. Her paintings seem to move between these two extremes. They are both cosmic and terrestrial. Almost all cultures see a connection between gold and the sun, yet at the same time this raw material is to be found deep within the earth.

Tunca's golden painting shows a halo, the only item that she borrowed from an old painting, the ring of light surrounding a holy relic, isolated within the divine gold. No image is visible next to this halo on the reflecting precious metal, it seems as nothingness, dissolving and disappearing, yet the image is actually there. It is just as mysterious as death, or even as life itself.