By Lieneke Hulshof

Lennart Lahuis collects reproductions that are generally supplied with picture frames and which serve as examples for the purchaser's photograph. ‘They are non-images; they are only there to be replaced. They do not exist for what they are, but as an example of what an image could be.’ These photos include city views, sunsets or reproductions of famous works of arts. The idea of these non-images reminds us that our cultural history is replaceable. After all, the reproductions will be replaced by the purchaser's ‘own’ photographs, which have more significance to the new owner. Lahuis makes the reproductions barely recognisable by covering them with a sheet of glass, paper and beeswax. ‘I think that an almost automatic effect of my work is the delayed access to image and text. The image itself is not important, but the way in which it is revealed or how it appears.’