By Yasmijn Jarram

Paula Mueller makes drawings and paintings with mixed media on canvas and very often on paper including pencil, graphite, oil paint, watercolour and felt tips. Her works of art can be small or large. She creates peculiar scenes seemingly carelessly, at times accompanied by words that clarify or confuse the meaning of her work.

Paula Mueller is inspired by many different topics: she combines personal experiences and ideas with imaginary elements. She draws herself, real and imaginary people, situations and landscapes. They can either consist of a few strokes and lines, or be worked out in great detail as if they are photographs. Mueller often combines the use of black and white with a limited number of clear colour accents.

There are many visual quotations in Paula Mueller’s work borrowed from a wide range of sources, ranging from contemporary comics to etchings by the Spanish painter Francisco Goya. She usually places these elements in such a way that they look very much out of place compared to their original context. She also uses words and phrases, including quotations, plays on words, mottos, short poems and thoughts. A number of small works of art are sometimes jointly presented in a large wooden frame which means that they speak the same language, as it were, and create a unity.

The drawings and paintings by Paula Mueller’s are a testimony to ironic self-reflection, but also to her interest in collecting separate moments, motifs and ideas. She works towards unifying the most diverse drawing techniques and composition styles. The art historical references are just as important as the personal allusions and anecdotes in this multitude of references.