Concert of The Hungry Gods & composer Florian Magnus Maier
9 Jun 2012 Starts at: 8:30 p.m. Location: Garage Rotterdam

The Rotterdam composer Florian Magnus Maier and his crossover ensemble The Hungry Gods gave a one-off concert in Garage Rotterdam on Saturday 9 June at 20.30 hrs.

Cimbalom Concerto by The Hungry Gods at Garage Rotterdam

The compositions of Florian Magnus Maier will be performed in a setting that has been staged especially for this occasion. His music engages with the works of art of the Necessarily True exhibition. Not only Fever Season and Elvenland Suite, the sound track of Karel Doing’s film Elvenland, but also a new ensemble edition of Maier’s Cimbalom Concerto will be performed.

Elvenland Suite by The Hungry Gods at Garage Rotterdam

Jan Rokyta - cimbalom
Claudia Copier - percussion
Julija Hartig - violin
Arturo Ramón - flamenco guitar
Florian Magnus Maier - electric guitar
Aristoteles Potamianos - double bass
Greg Smith - drums, percussion
Special Guest: Hans van der Ham - organ

Fever Season by The Hungry Gods at Garage Rotterdam

Originally written by Florian Magnus Maier in 2011 for the Dutch Radio Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra and Jan Rokyta. Arranged 2012 for the Hungry Gods by Florian Magnus Maier.