The sweater I wear for work is an imprint of everything I have ever made. No: it’s the blur of all my works blended together, a chaos of the smeared residues, the useless matter that didn’t stick to the canvas. Being part of my daily routine, I had never really noticed it, but one day, while I was daydreaming in front of the mirror and accidentally lowered my gaze, it caught my wandering mind. There it was, my artist’s uniform, separated from me, headless, a materialization of everything I didn’t need, a map of that strange, cold, dark and hard moon that revolved around my the homely planet of myself. I shook my head, literally shook the unpleasant thought out of it, and made a decision. I turned away from the mirror and made a drawing of the damned thing Rinus van de Velde

140 x 200 cm charcoal on canvas tegenboschvanvreden, Amsterdam Photo: Wedocumentart

Rinus van de Velde sees his independent works of art as parts of one large installation. Together they become a fictitious story in which the artist features as a character. This is how he reflects on the world of art, on being an artist and on the mythical status of the artist’s studio. Van de Velde’s studio is very important to him. His drawings also refer, either directly or indirectly, to other art disciplines.

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