By Yasmijn Jarram

The site-specific installations and sculptures of Ronald van der Meijs examine the relationship between human beings’ daily life and current technology – form high-tech to ramshackle. He is fascinated by the way people try to control their lives and even the forces of nature by putting all their faith in technology. Much of his works are about natural processes such as growth and dilapidation. They are dialogues between the environment and technology.

As Van der Meijs sees it, the environment has its own order, time and rhythm. This is why space and sound often play a role in his installations. ‘Parthenocarp’ is a good example of this. The growth of cucumber plants influences sound in this sizeable musical installation. The tone you hear is determined by the degree to which the cucumber is pressing up against its outer layer. This means that the sound the installation makes alters extremely slowly over the course of time.