Abyss Jeppe Lange

None Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn

HD video / 13.25

Abyss (2021) is an intricate chain of visuals woven from a collection of 10,000 images meticulously gathered through Google's reverse image search. Its visual evolution unfolds through the lens of AI's interpretation, where misunderstandings become the artistic catalyst. The AI, devoid of scale, emotions, or context considerations, becomes singularly obsessed with discerning patterns, colours, and correlations within the visual data.

As viewers, we are invited into an immersive journey, one that enables us to perceive the world as if we were the AI itself. In this unique perspective, we gain an intimate and tangible insight into the algorithmic processes underpinning our digital landscape’s architecture.

Worth of mentioning:
Nominated Int. Jury Award, Intersection
Nominated New Nordic Voice, Nordisk Panorama
Nominated Documentary Short, Chicago IFF
Nominated Video Art, Tirana IFF
Nominated New: Vision Award
Nominated Politiken: DOX
Nominated Doc Alliance Award
Selected for Vision du Réel
Selected for Millennium Docs

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