By Youri Appelo

Meditations on Europe
19.11.2022 - 22.01.2023

What will the future hold for Europe? A great deal of uncertainty has been looming over Europe for years. Tensions are rising from both inside and outside of the continent. Growing right-wing nationalism that is advocating for separation from the European Union (EU) and the lack of democracy in the union is putting pressure on all member states. At the same time the war in Ukraine, refugee crises and the political instability in America are forcing Europe into collective action.

In the spirit of the fragmented and fluid nature of Europe, Meditations on Europe presents a series of independent and critical stories that deal with European histories, identities and issues. Meditations on Europe does not provide concrete answers, while it operates in line with the plea for a more democratic Europe. Every conscious and unconscious participant in the European project has the right to formulate their own answers. How can we shape a more democratic, equal and pluriform future of Europe, based upon our personal positions and imaginations?