ExhibitionFlying Condor Crossing Borders

Marcha van den Hurk

Ten years of dialogue drawing
Marcha van den Hurk in collaboration with visitors of Pauluskerk Rotterdam

Eleven years ago, socially engaged artist Marcha van den Hurk started making collaboratively produced art. She developed the concept of dialogue drawing for Pauluskerk’s open studio. People meet around a table where a large, empty sheet of paper or canvas is ready for them to draw, in text and image, what is on their minds. The results are large, compelling artworks that express the desires, ideas, resilience, humor, and burdens of the church’s visitors. The Flying Condor Crossing Borders exhibition presents an overview of ten years of dialogue drawing.

Although the dialogue drawings stem from a collaboration of many voices, their high degree of individuality shines through. They are self-contained works of art with their own distinct signature and artistic value.

As Marcha van den Hurk notes, “Every person has the talent of creating, an artist's gift. However, not everyone sees themself in this way. My ambition is to bring out this hidden ability in collaborative projects. Everyone being creative.”

The exhibited drawings were created with contributions from:
Abraham, Ainine, André, Bart, Bas, Ching, Darren, Ehab, Fabius, Farid, Freerk, Henk, Henk, Ilse, Inge, Jan, Janneman, Khaled, Lidie, Liesbeth, Lou, Maria, Marianne, Marco, Miny †, Monica, Mustafa, Nathalie, Nour Eddine, Patrick, Samine, Steven, and many more.

Flying Condor Crossing Borders is the inaugural presentation by Carpool, a new cultural collaboration between IDEM and Garage Rotterdam. Carpool offers a platform to organisations in Rotterdam that want to work with art and culture.