By Yasmijn Jarram

In her sculptures, drawings and installations, Silvia B. examines our idea of beauty. The works are very carefully and aesthetically made, meaning that they entice us to come closer. It's only on closer examination that we find them disturbing, because their beauty has a sinister quality. Thus a game of attraction and repulsion is played out. The work contains many references, ranging from fairy tales to martial arts and from street culture and fairs to art history. Meanings are reversed and (pre-)judgments reflected.

The images are mostly hybrid characters. They often have their eyes closed, shutting out the viewer, and appear to live completely in their own world. Their age, sex and race are unclear; it's not even clear whether they are doll, human or animal, adult or child. This ambiguity makes it difficult for the viewer to make an immediate judgement. The theme also fits in with new scientific developments such as genetic engineering, cosmetic surgery and artificial intelligence.