Natafelen with Hilda Moucharrafieh
2 Jul 2021 Starts at: 6 p.m. Location: Garage Rotterdam

For one night only during this exhibition, Garage Rotterdam turns into a unique setting for dinner & drinks. Enjoy good food and great company in a beautiful setting, surrounded by works of art. The culinary night Natafelen will incorporate the performance The Secret Ingredient: Wilderness by Hilda Moucharrafieh.

During the dinner performance, The Secret Ingredient: Wilderness, multimedia artist Hilda Moucharrafieh re-traces the locations from where the ingredients for this dinner were foraged. What do these sources tell us about our surrounding environment, and of the wild patches that manage to break through cracks within land control?

Costs four-course menu: € 45.00
Matching wine arrangement: € 25.00

Tickets are available via the link via the menu top-right on the website.