Electroacoustic Aspects of Plant and Man I Christine Ödlund

Galeria Marie-Laure Fleisch Photo: Bas Czerwinski

The two works by Christine Ödlund featured in Orgonomics were featured in the artists solo exhibition, the title of which was Music for Resurrected Atoms. This exhibition was significantly informed by Ödlund’s research into plant communication; particularly the chemical signals, acoustic vibrations and genetic processes of plants. Both Ödlund’s research and the artwork that this informs are informed by a desire to bring about symbiotic communication between the animal and plant realms.

-Text by Sara Walker:
Christine Ödlund's art is timeless as it communicates with both history and the present. Her materials are plants and sounds, natural circuits and future visions, greenhouses and laboratory environments, occultism and science - all in a constant pendulum movement between the smallest particles and the unfathomable. In her artistry, Ödlund has with finely calibrated sensitivity and daring precision, explored and given shape to phenomena and worlds that we humans, with our limited senses, rarely can perceive. Her openness to both science and esoteric knowledge often allow surprising cross-links, and the collaborations she has entered into with scientists from different areas has been proof of how different disciplines can stimulate each other and bring out new knowledge. Scientific facts or sounds can be translated into colors, music transformed into form or motion and images become aromas. As part of this interdisciplinary thinking, Ödlund has, among other things, followed researchers in ecological chemistry at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) in Stockholm in their attempt to decipher plants' chemical languages. She has transformed the researchers' data into notes and sounds and created aesthetically suggestive scores that could potentially bridge the language barrier between plants and humans.