Darkness is light germinating (Earth Table 1) Jasper Griepink

Mixed media Jasper Griepink Photo: Bas Czerwinski

Griepink’s installation was conceived specifically for this exhibition but brings together several strands of research that he has been working on for some time, such as European paganism and the revival of earth centered spiritualities. The work consists of a series of platforms upon which are arranged organic and synthetic materials; soil, dirt, moisture, copper, wood, water, wool, photoprints of a portal dolmen (known as Hunebed in the Netherlands) and some electrical appliances. Seemingly disparate materials come together, forming an elemental arrangement that evokes both an altar and perhaps something less sacred and more functional.

The title of the work refers to the idea of winter being a time of hibernation and dormancy; when plants and animals slow down and assume a state that is in many ways close to death. The title in turn reflects notions of the therapeutic and spiritual journey where turning inwards towards one’s darkness can yield profound transformation. Faced with the global political situation of today’s world, void of nature and the sacred, Griepink wonders if a similar process of darkness germinating is at play.

Stemming on these contemplations, the work presents itself as a new kind of sacred megalithic site, comprised of stones, history, earth and vibration. Interestingly, some recent investigators have drawn connections to Reich’s accumulators and ancient sites (such a Newgrange in Ireland) which consists of a chamber buried deep beneath the earth under alternating layers of organic materials.

Fringe archaeology aside, Griepink’s work speaks of the importance of bringing earth back as a centre of our processes, both internally, in the personal and the local, as well as externally in politics, ecologies and our collectivity. On December 14th the site of the installation will host a musical performance ritual by the artist that will bring the earth back into our roots, so to speak.