Presence of Perception Heide Hinrichs

Courtesy of the Artist Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn

In her practice, Heide Hinrichs aims to give up hierarchical relationships and the exploitation of material, therefore the objects that she forms, builds, and sews have no definite or absolute character themselves. A concept is not executed upon the material, instead forms and shapes are developed in a process that involves all senses and consciousness, and are mediated from the materials themselves – their sensual qualities and histories.

The work 'Presence of Perception' refers to the subjectivity and relativity of perception. It is part of a series of works with which the artist addresses the senses by using textiles as material. The leather makes allusion to the skin, and hence to the sense of touch. The two hands are holding the space of the blanket, as if they are embracing a body.