Series of Janus Daniel Albuquerque

glaced ceramic and sand Courtesy of the Artist Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn

Daniel Albuquerque’s practice develops mainly through drawing and sculpture, using techniques and materials such as ceramics, brass, embroidery and knitting. Usually autobiographical and intuitive, his works reflect on the sensations of the body and sexuality, seeking a release of drives. The works generates in the observer a tactile attraction, whether through the sexualization in the sculptures of intimate body parts, or through materials that relate directly to it.

The approach to the clay as a material was the great amplifier for a series of works in which the artist made use of human body elements as a poetic resource. In the process he became fascinated with the plastic possibilities that the clay offered him and the pictorial richness that the enameling allowed.

The series Janus departed from an spontaneous gesture that created the shape of a tongue with two sides and also as a reference to the work Janus Fleuri of Louise Bourgeois, in which the two-way penis form is a reflection on the conditions of past and future. With his two-way tongues, Albuquerque reflects on the complexity of the temporal trajectory of the body.

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