Untitled Piotr Lakomy

wooden door, aluminium honeycomb, fabric and platster Courtesy of the Artist; Galeria Stereo, Warsaw Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn

Piotr Lakomy’s carefully selected repertoire of materials fluctuates. Grey styrofoam blocks, aluminium insulation mesh with a honeycomb structure, printing plates, aluminium frames, road surface tape, pipes, body bags and egg shells. Lakomy’s work explores notions of the human body as architecture, and their dimensions depart from Le Corbusier's Modular, an anthropometric scale of proportions based on an idealized version of the male body. Sculpted from industrial materials they become akin to architectural maquetes.

Both untitled, his works are presented on the floor in the middle of the exhibition space. One resembles a pair of legs missing their feet – a combination of aluminium core partially covered with plaster-dipped garments. Borrowing their form from natural structures found in beehives, the aluminium sheets woven of hexagonal cells make for a highly resistant material used by the aerospace industry. He humanizes these industrial aluminium parts by giving it anthropomorphic form, often mirroring parts of his own body.

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