Everything became nothing again Guillaume Leblon

Courtesy Galerie Jocelyn Wolff Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn

Guillaume Leblon has mostly lived abroad and consequently, his work has constantly faced up to different cultures. Among his references are pictorial abstraction, modern architecture, American sculpture of the 60’s, conceptual art, process art, Structuralist cinema.

Leblon makes installations, objects, photographs or films that transform the function and perception of space. He creates environmental installations and powerful and enigmatic sculptures, which have strong and seductive material presence. His works are full of iconographic references that allow the artist to tell new stories. Leblon’s sculptures are objects in which the past and present converge and the evanescent and tangible merge. Through simple interventions, he establishes an emotional relation with interior spaces and the domestic environment, creating feelings of uneasiness and imperceptible tension in the viewer.

In both works presented in The House Where You Live Forever, the artist evokes the presence of the body. While the work Likely, a smoker only suggests the body inside the suspended suit, Everything became nothing again presents parts of the body such as an year and a leg, but also elements which are related to it.

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