Garage Café #7
27 Sep 2018 Starts at: 6 p.m. Location: Garage Rotterdam

Garage Cafe is a test-site-with-audience for experimenting, showing research projects, new collaborations, performances and all other types of artistic work.

Garage Cafe #7 will open its doors again on the 27th of September, for 6 presentations and performances of 10 minutes, food, drinks, and time to discuss.

Mondays Collective
Luis Bracamontes
Bart Lunenburg
Alina Lupu
Jim van Geel
Jonathan Oron

Thursday the 27th of September
Doors open & soup: 18.30 hrs
Start presentations: 19.30 hrs
Entrance €2
Language: English

Speakers to be announced soon.

Soup by Lonneke Jonker