By Bas Hendrikx

In 2016 Marina Pinsky presented her work at the art fair Art Basel in Switzerland. One of her works of art was a small object – a colour chart. She used the tempera painting technique: a method to create paint by mixing pigments with egg yolk. Marina bought eggs from different places and used them for painting the colour chart. And as nature is unpredictable, so were the eggs. The colours of the egg yolk turned out to be highly varied. That’s how the colour chart came about.

Unfortunately, the colour chart was not destined for a long future. On 18 June 2016 it was stolen from the art fair, the same year in which she made the colour chart. In response to this, she created this ‘Wanted’ poster. It is an appeal to return the stolen object to her. So far, the original has not surfaced. Marina considers the ‘Wanted’ poster as a work of art in its own right. It originated from the ‘original’ work of art, but one of these excludes the existence of the other.