Opening exhibition
1 Sep 2017 Starts at: 8 p.m. Location: Garage Rotterdam

Garage Rotterdam will start the new cultural season by opening Nora, a group exhibition. We want to extend to you our warmest welcome to attend the preview of this exhibition on Friday 1 September at 19:00 hours. During the same evening we would also like to introduce you to our new curator, Sjoerd Kloosterhuis.

Nora is the main character in Henrik Ibsen’s play ‘A doll's house’ dating from 1879. She had the courage to go in search of her own identity, and dared to pursue her own individual liberty. The search for identity is, however, timeless, and not restricted solely to women. In a contemporary performance of ‘A doll's house’, a man or someone with a less traditional gender identity could just as easily play the role of Nora.

The group exhibition Nora criticises the current belief that identity is unalterable. Recent years have seen increasing openness surrounding various forms of sexuality. Nevertheless, a lot of ignorance on this matter still prevails among the public at large. It is the exhibition's ambition to contribute, by displaying videos and installations, to increasing the visibility of gender diversity.

We cordially invite you to come and see the exhibition during the opening on Friday 1 September at 20:00 hours. Some of the artists who are participating – and our new curator Sjoerd Kloosthuis – will also be present and they will be happy to discuss their work with you. During the opening, the curator will explain the idea behind the exhibition and there will be music from Celestial Terrestrial & Nelson (Club von Westen).