By Lieneke Hulshof

Via her performances, Nina Glockner makes structures visible in a location: a crucial role in this is the deconstruction of things, their meaning, history and potency, thereby revealing collective perceptions and systems. Objects – whether found or created – function as building bricks that mark the ‘social playing field’ and ‘rules of play’ in a given situation.

According to her, the word ‘humble’ (servile, submissive, meek) applies specifically to the position we adopt in relation to the other, in relation to the world around us – and vice versa. For the Humble exhibition, Glockner examines the controversial concept of ‘humility’ by entering into a dialogue with the artists who are participants in the exhibition. During the opening ceremony, she wants to create a network with all ‘actors’ in the location, not just the artists and the works of arts, but also the public, so that at a given moment, teamwork will develop, with Glockner as principal mediator.