By Lieneke Hulshof

Marc Mulders has worked in Artenzo Studio for 18 years together with artistic supervisor Albert Matthijsen. Together they build still life compositions for the studio’s painters. Marc Mulders makes viewing boxes for Ria Mul to reproduce as paintings. These viewing boxes contain objects that are meaningful for Mul, e.g. images of miniature animals, statues of the Virgin Mary and fashion advertisements. Marc Mulders sees his work with Matthijsen and Mul as sessions, similar to those of a group of pop musicians in which they make new melodies with one another.
Mulders finds Outsider Art interesting because the artists are free of ‘pose behaviour’, financial gain, career pressure and other forms of static. “These are all side issues that mar many a ‘professional artist’. They do not have double agendas, but just one: the desire to colour and document thoughts and aspirations.”