By Lieneke Hulshof

Newspapers are a window on daily life: they give us a view of the world. But newspapers also create a world, their own truth. This is the point of departure of Harry Haarsma’s works of art. Many of his works involve newspapers. Using white paint he blots out large sections of the information printed on thin paper. Every day the front pages of newspapers bring us screaming headlines, sensational photos and frightening citations and everything seems to be important once it appears in the newspaper. All these truths are no longer relevant in Haarsma's work. He leaves out the big story and finds heroes in the commonplace. Precise, factual information becomes completely abstract and he carries on applying white paint until the hot item of the day becomes poetic.

Haarsma will visit De Garage every day during the Humble exhibition, to take one of his works from the cupboard and put it on display. Every day a different piece of work will adorn the wall. The installation by Haarsma emphasizes the attention for the single image, in contrast to the many images on the shelves.