By Yasmijn Jarram

Yassir Amazine makes drawings with black, red and blue ballpoint pen. His lines are repetitive and violent. He uses his pen like a weapon, as if he is fighting a battle. Every line is like a knife cutting through the white paper. The lines cross each other with such density that he only needs to continue drawing a little while longer to cover the entire paper with ink.

The liberating energy of one line is combined with another incoming line that suffocates it. A scary view of quicksand: the more you try to escape the more you are pulled in. The brutal gestures, feverishness and anger are scarier than the war scenes themselves.

Even though Amazine is not looking for a certain model, there are certain recurring topics: the sun, a home, a mosque, an aeroplane, a car and a guitar. Everything seems to be a major chaos but when the image is finished, a certain cohesion has been created.