The conceptual videos, objects and installations of Semâ Bekirovic are notable for their playful, clear imagery. Bekirovic is interested in scientific theories about the alleged distinction between culture and nature, that is, the artificial and manageable versus the natural and unmanageable. The artist studies, and sometimes manipulates, chemical, physical and biological processes. These are often self-evident processes that we encounter on a daily basis, but which science also studies individually.
For the work 'Kubus 02', Bekirovic assigned a factory to make a black acrylic cube. The workers were instructed not to wear gloves while working on the cube. This ensured that all traces of the making process (fingerprints, smudges, etc) were retained. Once installed in Garage, the artist applied forensic latent fingerprint powder 'special gold' to the the cube, thus revealing the object's "hidden history" of traces.  In Bekirovic' video 'Event Horizon', a landscape is gradually engulfed by an approaching black hole.