Sarah van Sonsbeeck is fascinated by silence, or the lack of it in contemporary society. This fascination began when she was a student and struggled with excessively noisy upstairs neighbours. For her graduation project at the art academy, she asked them in writing to pay part of her rent, the equivalent of the space that their noise occupied in her home. Since then, Van Sonsbeeck has made various conceptual works about the topic of silence. For instance, she created various objects with Faraday paint, a special paint that obstructs radio waves, and thus the range of cell phones. In this exhibition, Van Sonsbeeck placed her 'Anti-Drone Tent', a construction of insulation covers that obstruct infra-red sensors. This makes the tent invisible for drones. In the work 'Security Space #0', the point of departure is security glass that we know from office buildings. Who is keeping who outside?