By Lieneke Hulshof

Robert Zandvliet portrays all that moves, flows and sparkles, without allowing a painting’s physical, material properties to result in a state of motionlessness. Nevertheless, the stiff linen, the dried up paint and rough brush strokes present something intangible, such as a flash of light in an iris. With transparent brush strokes he paints the moon reflected in a deeply black eye. The eye is just as large as a single speck of white paint in his work Lavender Mist. A painting based on the dripping paintings of Jackson Pollock. Zandvliet feels the echo implicit in visual arts and continues in the tradition of great past artists. The horizon disappears in his representation, making his paintings hover between figuration and abstraction, the same spot with which the sparkle in our eyes is so very familiar. It is visible, but before anyone actually notices, its form has already changed due to the flickering of an eyelid.